About Anastasia

Anastasia Nicole Simon is a writer and reluctant stylist who decided to get her shit together after  heart wrenching break up forced her to realize that no matter who you're with, what your job title is or how many shoes cover the floor in your closet, happiness is an inside job. Her writing has appeared on M.I.S.S, Exmainer.com, Haute Living Atlanta, Type F by Tyra Banks and Airplane Reads. Anastasia is also the founder and fearless leader at www.CherchezLaGamine.com, which is undergoing a massive content overhaul. She was featured as a contributor in the November issue of Jezebel magazine where she styled several of the "50 Most Beautiful Atlantans" and profiled up and coming handbag designer Melanie Mueller, and has lent her expertise in all things style related to those in search of experts in such areas. When she isn't busy creating content for various popular fashion, music and lifestyle blogs and putting her years mastering Facebook and Twitter to good use marketing brands, projects and the occasional first born child, Anastasia can be found sitting under the Bodhi tree trying to attain enlightenment...just kidding. She actually balances her time between working a j-o-b like a normal person, attending events, watching bad TV, meditating and sipping wine while gabbing with her girls and hoping for the best. 

The best way to contact her is via email at anacoles@gmail.com or twitter @anastasiab