Dharma |ˈdärmə| noun 1 Hinduism the principle of cosmic order.
virtue, righteousness, and duty, esp. social and caste duty in accord with the cosmic order. 2 Buddhism the teaching or religion of the Buddha. one of the fundamental elements of which the world is composed. ORIGIN late 18th cent.: Sanskrit, literally ‘decree or custom.’

Sex and the City: An American television comedy-drama series created by Darren Star and produced and broadcast by HBO, based on Candace Bushnell's book of the same name, chronicling the lives of four single thirty-somethings in New York. During it's run, Sex and the City inspired a multitude of trends, from drinks and shoes to waxing, and irreparably damaged a generation fo twenty somethings by telling them that happiness could be found at the shoe department at Barney's and in the arms of a man who could buy you the shoes.

Honestly, what else do I have to say about this after that. This blog is all about my journey from broken to balanced and how I navigate being a spiritual being in this highly materialistic physical world. I drink tea, smudge my apartment every week after my blowout, watch reality TV when I'm not working through A Course In Miracles and hold downward facing dog for a few breaths after killing my tendons in heels all day. In short, I'm your average 20 something who woke up and realized, there has to be a better way and hasn't stopped moving toward it since that moment. So buckle up and enjoy taking this journey with me, hopefully you can learn with me as I get messy and make mistakes on the road to enlightenment. 

"Where would you have me go? What you would have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom? And what would you have me wear?" ACIM as reinterpreted by Gabrielle Bernstein.