Friday, April 6, 2012

You Know You're A Spiritual Gangster When...

This is totally for a laugh. To me, spiritual is who we all are by default and the path you choose to connect to the divine is your practice, and that practice is as individual as you are. If you're comfy reading the bible and going to church that's just as awesome as meditating or going to brunch on a Sunday morning. It's a personal thing and I'm not about making your personal business my personal business okay!

  1. You carry crystals with you everywhere you go, even to the club. 
  2. "Stop. Drop. Meditate," is your mantra
  3. "Holla for my mala"
  4. You find the hidden spiritual meaning in almost every song you listen too, including stuff by Gucci Mane. 
  5. You have a team of spiritual mamas that keep you in line when your ego gets a little cray.
  6. You meditate before and after you go out.
  7. You get mad and rant and rave BUT you forgive the person, the situation and yourself afterwards. 
  8. Russell Simmons is your homie. 
  9. You constantly check yourself before you wreck yourself. 
  10. You find yourself going deep and sharing your downloads with people in the most random places. 
* Bonus: You pull a card before you walk out the door. 

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