Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm So Excited!

Being excited doesn't have to be scary.

This week's burning question is all about being sooo excited! Or better yet, how you get down with excitement. As a kid most of us are excited about 90% of the time about the teeniest things--Saturday's at the park, ice cream, petting a pony, going outside to play--but as we grow up disappointment teaches us that you shouldn't get excited until you know for sure that everything will work out. To that I say pish-tosh! Imagine how awesome life would e if you were as excited about having lunch with a friend as you are about getting a raise? Personally, I get equally excited about new emails, drinks with my friends, a new episode of New Girl and a million and one things that most people would consider to be mundane--hell I get excited about going to therapy every other week. You want to know something, being excited about the little things makes everything a reason to be grateful and to celebrate, and we all know that being grateful and celebrating makes you feel awesome and feeling awesome is the key to feeling even more awesome. So go ahead and get excited about your life even if you're just excited that we're one day closer to the weekend.

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