Monday, January 16, 2012


So if you haven't seen at least one Sh*t  __ Girls Say video, I can't explain how insanely dead on and annoying these videos are. Right now I am totally in love with, and embarrassed for myself and some of my friends, Sh*t New Age Girls Say. Never did I consider myself a "new age girl" until I saw this video and recognized that I say and do quite a bit of these things--pulling Angel Cards, sending love to folks, "I love Deepak Chopra", tapping, meditating... Again I am embarrassed by this, but I also say like 80% of the stuff in the Sh*t Fashion Girls Say video too so i guess that makes me a new age fashion girl? Well if you can't laugh at yourself....

"It looked like Forever 21 threw up all over her." "She was wearing Tory Burch flats" "Amaze." "Can I have a vodka soda." "OMG I'm totally tweeting that." "OBSESSED!!" (So embarrassed, lol.)

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