Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stillness is the Move

One of my favorite songs, not all time favorite songs but it's creeping it's way up there, is The Dirty Project's "Stillness Is The Move." The beat is sick, the lyrics kill me and any song that has a video featuring girls doing hipster choreography in American Apparel in the mountains while llamas and Siberian huskies look on gets an A+ in my book. Oh and did I mention I love the lyrics? Yeah, I did? Well I just did it again, oops.

Long before I picked up A Course in Miracles the lyrics of "Stillness Is The Move" hit a chord deep in my little soul that oves all kinds of rhythms but has difficulty spelling rhythm--thank you spellcheck. Now that I've gotten mad deep into metaphysics, like waist deep not ankle deep, the lyrics are hitting a different part of my psyche. That's the beauty of music, you can love a song for years and as your perspective on life changes the way you listen to the song and what you hear in it changes too. Kinda like how I used to sing the heck out of Salt N Peppa's "Push It" way back in the 80s when I was a wee tot and had no idea why my parents thought it was inappropriate for a 3 year old to jam to but now I kinda see it...kinda. 

Back to "Stillness Is The Move." Honestly, the song does more out the gate with just it's title than most songs do with an entire 3 mins--hello, Blackeyed Peas...Stop.  Stillness is really the only move that we need make on the reg. Ask any yogini/meditating maverick/spiritual teacher, stillness is essential to touching Christ consciousness/enlightenment/peace/whatever you call it. Not just stillness of body, because only your body can do things, but stillness of the mind. Only through quieting your mind can you receive guidance, you can't hear what folks are saying if you're always running your mouth and your mind. Also, a big part of spiritual teaching is that you don't need to do anything. The Universe/God/the HS/Tom Cruise/whatever deity you pray to does not need you to do anything but be still and co-create with it and to do that does not require you to physically do anything. Moving on.

Lyrically, the first few phrases--they are called phrases right--touch on some of the basics in ACIM and they go a little something like this: 
When a child was just a child/ It did not know what it was/ Like a child it had no habits/ No opinions about anything.
 According to the Course, and every other bit of spiritual liture I've picked up, we are like children. We came into this existence and completely forgot who were, spiritual beings having a physical experience not the other way around. Therefore having no connection to our true nature we allowed others to form our opinions of who and what we are, ie I'm a middle class African-American girl from New Orleans...fyi that is sooo not who I am, I am much more than any label.

Things get a bit real in the next verse with the lyrics:
On top of every mountain/ There was a great longing/ For another even higher mountain/ In each city longing for a bigger city
When you are living from an ego based mindset, where the effect is the cause and you are looking for material things to fill those voids you think you have, nothing is enough. To paraphrase The Rolling Stones, you can't get no satisfaction.

Then during the bridge then get even more metaphysical on us:
Isn't life under the sun just a crazy dream?/ Isn't life just a mirage of the world before the world?/ Why am I here and not over there?/ Where did time begin?/Where does space end?/ Where do you and I begin?
Let's make this easy and short because this post is getting long. The world under the sun/this live is a bit of a crazy dream. It doesn't really exist in the way in which we think it does. All of this is perception based, the end. The real world is the world of spirit-in Course terms. Time isn't real, space isn't real and you and I are all connected. Don't believe me? Ask someone who knows a thing or two about quantum physics and string theory and such. They can break down the realness of time and how you and I and everyone we know are all connected to an infinite field of consciousness explaining how you can be empathetic to someone who has experienced something you've never experienced in your life or how you can feel when someone is watching you and a bunch of other creeptastic stuff.

Like I said this has gotten waaay longer than I intended it to get so peep the video and chew on this:
After all that we've been through/ I know we can make it after the wait the question is a truth/  There is nothing we can't do/ I'll see you along the way baby the stillness is the move.

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