Friday, January 20, 2012

You Gotz To Love A Spiritual Girl

Bat for Lashes has nothing to do with this, fyi

So yesterday one of my ladies was arrested on a technicality--keep track of and pay your tickets girls--and she took the whole thing like only a now age spiritual gangster could, in stride. Just as I was gathering up the cash and hunting down a co-signer to post her bail, she called to tell me that she would be out by Saturday morning at the latest, was sharing a holding cell with a woman who practiced reiki and holistic medicine and that the whole experience was super healing. Only a girl super in touch with her higher self could see the healing in being thrown in the clink for driving with a suspended license, talk about seeing the silver lining! After I hung up I thought about something my teacher, Gabby B, said during a lecture she gave last Friday "Being happy is not about being happy all day every day it's about being comfortable   during the times that you aren't." While I know she wasn't happy about where she was--when it went down she called me freaking out a bit so I know she wasn't 100% cool with this--but she knew that she was supposed to be there, accepted her assignment and opened up for healing and growth. And strangely enough, she isn't my only friend that's taking shit in stride and learning from the funky stuff that happens to us in life.

Last week a few my pals and I went out--FYI I have officially retired from the club scene--and while we were out someone stole my pal's Michael Kors wallet from another pal's purse. While she was pissed and hurt as hell, at no point did she play the victim or lash out at the girls who we suspect stole her things. Instead she took a few minutes to get calm and decided that it was time to go. On the ride home she kept saying that she knew it supposed to happen for whatever reason and that it would be all good...Guess what, it was. She called me the next day to say she was fine with everything--thankfully the only thing she lost was some cash, her driver's license and the wallet--and that she was working on getting a replacement wallet. She saw the whole experience as something to learn from and not anything to get hysterical over.

Both of these ladies taught me that no matter what the situation is--jail, stolen wallet, your soulmate taking pots from your house...long story--it's all about how you CHOOSE to experience it that makes it. You can choose to play the victim, get angry, kick and scream, or shrug it off, say all in a day and get on with your life. I know which one I plan on doing from now on. I mean which one feels better to you, honestly?

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