Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thank You for Being A Friend

Thursdays are all about being thankful due to the process of aliteration--HELLO, Why else would Thanksgiving be on a Thursday? Anywhoo...In honor of being Thankful on Thursdays I'm totally throwing down the G word--gratitude--and laying the thanks down for my amazing ladies and gents who if they threw a party and invited everyone they knew, they would know the biggest gift would totally not be from me but the bottle of rose would be. 

*HelloTricie *Ari S Diddi (please say the Diddi) *Amber *Keisha *Gabby *Kindra *Rodney *Rakeem *Kris *Rosi *Rosalynn *Nikki *Loren *@BashfulAshley bc she knows that we struggling bloggers turned journalists need to stick together (thanks for the shout out doll!) * Junji who brings the lolz when I need them * BG the OG *Yosef *The Kid ...Who am I kidding, I'd pop pink champagne for anyone that I am even mildly acquainted with and that is something to be thankful for as well. To the rose!! 

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